PicoCount 2500 Packages

Our packages are by far our most popular choice for first time buyers. These are complete packages which include a counter and all accessories needed to fully set up a counter and road tubes. If this is your first time using a counter and you want all the necessary equipment to do a count right away, then this is what you are looking for.

The packages listed here are packages that include our PicoCount 2500 counter. We do offer packages for our other counters as well.

PicoCount 2500 Package Contents
Item Standard Package Drive-Thru Package Rural Package
PicoCount 2500 1 1 1
USB Download Adapter 1 1 1
Rolls of tube* (50 feet) 2   2
Rolls of tube* (25 feet)   2  
Roadway nails 20 8 20
Shoulder spikes (6-8 inches)     8
Nylon loop grips 10 10 10
Roll of black duct tape 1 1 1
Security cable (6 feet) 1 1 1
Padlock 1 1 1
TrafficViewer Pro software Free download Free download Free download
Package price $652 $627 $676

* Our tube is made of EPDM rubber, each roll has one endplug. Hose dimensions: 3/8"OD x 3/16"ID (9.5mm OD x 4.8mm ID)

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Accessory for PicoCount 2500. Test for good hose setups.

CountBuddy II

Accessory for the PicoCount 2500 & 4500. Test for good hose setups.