Made in the USA

PicoCount 2500

Our PicoCount 2500 is a rugged, full featured, automatic traffic counter/classifier, with 2-channels of road tube (pneumatic hose) input. It is fully sealed, light weight, and should have greater than 10 years of life!
6 Year Warranty

Made in the USA

NanoCount 1000

The NanoCount 1000 is a totalizing vehicle counter that counts vehicles from one road tube (rubber hose) stretched across the road. This is our most simple and basic counter, it does not store data, it simply totals up all the counts as they happen and you can view that total on the unit's display.

Made in the USA


The MicroTally is a handheld manual counter with 18 buttons. It is primarily used to collect turning movement counts at intersections, either live at the intersection or from recorded video.

Made in the USA

PicoCount 4500

Our PicoCount 4500 is a 4-channel automatic traffic counter/classifier. The PicoCount 4500 works just like our PicoCount 2500 only you can attach 4 road tubes to this unit instead of 2.
6 Year Warranty

4 is a U.S. manufacturer of traffic counters for the vehicle counting industry.

Our traffic counters are designed to be robust and simple to use, meeting the needs of small operations that have one or two counters through traffic count programs that have hundreds of counters set out at a time. Our traffic counters are used by all types of users around the world. Our traffic counting equipment is used by data collection companies, government municipalities, home owners associates, parking lot owners, and even coffee shops and other drive-thrus. If you have any questions about our counters or how you can use them we are always happy to help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We manufacture both manual tally counters for doing intersection turning movement counts and automatic road tube based counters for automated collection of vehicle traffic count data.

Our automatic traffic counters come with the longest warranties in the industry to show how much we stand behind our products.

Our TrafficViewer Pro software (for the PicoCount units) and our WinTally software (for the MicroTally units) are completely free, the latest versions are always available here on our website.