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TrafficViewer Pro

TrafficViewer Pro is FREE software used to retrieve data, configure, and print reports. It is used with the following counters:

For those interested in testing out the latest features before they are officially released, you can check out the TrafficViewer Pro Beta page.

Latest Version:
Released: December 31, 2023
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The requirements for our software are very minimal. If you have a Windows system that isn't from the 90's you should be able to install our software.

Operating System: Windows Vista or newer
Processor: Pentium or better
Memory: 32MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 10MB Free


  • Easy to use. We try to keep the software clean and simple, keeping the more advanced stuff out of sight.
  • The software is free! Feel free to download it and look over the sample files to get an idea of what it's like before you even purchase a counter.
  • Save and open the raw time-stamp data files (.tvp files) for use in TrafficViewer Pro.
  • Download and process collected data.
    • Quickly download and process the raw-timestamp data from your units.
    • Fully configure the hose setup and study setup after data is collected and downloaded.
    • You tell the software how the counter was used and it will handle the rest.
    • Data can be processed from simple dividing of hose hits by a value of your choosing (by default divide by 2) to fully classifying vehicles based on axle spacings.
    • Since the software does all the processing and settings are not stored in the counter you have ultimate flexibility to handle setup mistakes or to change what type of data you'd like to get from the counter.
    • View a simple data summary screen so you can quickly tell if there may be a problem with your hose setup.
    • Quality meters are also on the summary screen that can be used as a general guide for classification/speed setups to help indicate if there may be a problem.
  • Print reports.
    • Print out daily reports of the data that was collected
    • Reports are binned into an interval you specify from 1-minute to 60-minutes.
    • You can generate reports on vehicle volumes, vehicle speeds, vehicle classifications, and vehicle gaps.
  • Export data.
    • To allow for the most flexibility and easy import into other systems we have a variety of exports available.
    • You can exports as bins of volume data, speed data, vehicle classification data, or vehicle gap data, or you can exports a full vehicle timestamp list or each and every hose hit and it's timestamp.
    • The software has CSV exports so you can easily open the data in a spreadsheet or database if you'd like to do something more than our software allows or to bring it in to your own system.
    • Several other custom export formats and variations are availble include several PRN formats.
  • Configure your units.
    • Set your own unique identifier (Unit ID) in a unit to be displayed on reports and exports.
    • A simple way to set passwords in units if you are concerned about security (to restrict access to the counter to only computers or users with the password).
    • Change the internal unit dwell times to meet bid requirements that need a dwell time below our recommended minimum of 30ms. (For longer dwells just use the software dwells)
    • Our counters do not store any hose layout settings, that is all done in the software afterwards. So no mistakes on collecting data in a way the counter doesn't understand!
  • Verify hose setup in the field.
    • You can use the simple Live Data View screen to make sure channels are seeing hose hits after you set up the counter.
  • Keep everything up-to-date.
    • The software is easily upgradable via the Internet automatically or by clicking on "Check for updates".
    • Or, if you prefer to keep the upgrades disabled you can always find the latest on our website.
    • The software will prompt to upgrade a unit's firmware if a new firmware version is available when you connect to your units.
  • Lots of customization!
    • You can customize a lot of processing features yet we keep most of these advanced features out of the way so you aren't bothered with details unless you need it.
    • The software has fully customizable Classification Scheme rules. Create your own schemes, or modify ours. And these are just flat-table based rules, you won't find another counter software with this level of flexibility.
    • Customize your speed bins. You can the speed ranges and number of speed bins that are generated on the reports/exports.
    • Change how our software "quality meters" are displayed or disable them entirely. As a way to indicate there may be trouble we have various quality meters related to the data. You can change the percentages on these to some sort of ranges that you'd like to see. By default these are fairly strict.

Changes in the latest release are listed below, you may view a complete list of all versions and changes if you want to review other versions.

Changes in TrafficViewer Pro
NewCreated new updater and installers so they will now fully function and work with Windows UAC properly. Versions before this will require a manual download and install, after that the updater within the software will function again. The initial update or install will require admin privileges and they will be requested a second time to cleanup the old installation, after that no admin privileges will be required.
NewNew firmware for the PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 are included. The most up-to-date firmware is version 2.41.
NewAdded gap (vehicle separation) report and export.
NewAdded optional "mean speed" data column to speed report and csv export to get hourly mean speeds.
NewAdded optional "85th percentile" data column to speed report and csv export to get hourly 85th percentile speeds.
NewAdded "headway" option in preferences to allow gaps to be calculated using headway instead.
NewAdded ODOT export for volume/class.
NewChanged self-updater.
NewThe firmware included in the software for PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units is now the latest stable version, version 2.40.
NewAdded special handling of speed bins, the default bins have ranges such as 20-24, 25-29, 30-34. But when changed from the defaults some times bins get entered as 20-25,25-30,30-35. The software will now handle both of those scenarios the same so the bins work as the user intended.
NewAdded the same report options when printing to PDF exports.
NewAdded a test to processing of 4-channel data when a median is involved, processing should work better and much faster for these setups.
NewAdded all report options (new and old) to preferences so defaults can be set.
NewAdded Geocounts per-vehicle export ("Vehicle List" export).
NewTo help prevent issues the start date/time is now highlighted in red if it is 01/01/2011 (which is the date the unit has after a firmware upgrade), this indicates the unit data needs to be cleared before the counter can be used.
NewAdded viewing of amplitude values (along with changing the color of the hit depending on amplitude) on the graphical timestamp view for our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewAdded exporting of amplitudes to the hose hit list when exporting data from our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewModified the display on the graphical timestamp screen so it will always show a hit even if it's not to scale (instead of not displaying hits graphically when zoomed way out).
NewNow when zooming in with the mouse wheel on the graphical timestamp view it will zoom in and out where the mouse cursor is (within about 1/10th of a second).
FixMinor changes were made to the help text for command line parameters.
FixUpdated links under "Help" to our online documentation and TrafficViewer Pro website, they were out of date.
FixMade a processing tweak to test axle speeds within a vehicle to achieve better clustering.
FixINDOT made a slight change to the PRN files they accept so the format has been updated. The "minutes" part of the start time in the file header will now have 00 minutes (like all other PRN formats) instead of 01 minutes. (i.e. so a study starting at noon will have "1200" for it's start time instead of the old format's "1201".)
FixFixed a bug when using the "Custom Filename Format" feature with PRN exports to auto-generate filenames. The custom data type text (tag %TYPETEXT%) was being ignored (or possibly causing other strange behavior) for class, speed, and all-in-one exports.
FixFixed the graphical timestamp view so it no longer crashes when opening it on two different files without closing the software.
FixFixed a floating point calculation issue when scrolling in the graphical timestamp view which would ocassionally cause the scrolling to stop working until you changed zoom levels and moved around a bit.
FixFixed a bug with the graphical timestamp view that didn't show the first day with actual data if the first day after the counter was cleared had no hits in it.
FixAdjusted the short-short/long-long filtering to allow for up to 4 inches of hose movement (in each direction) in case hoses are not secured well. This allows for better filtering of the long hose data in cases where hoses have moved around a bit.


The table below lists all available downloads for this software. It is recommended to always download the latest version (the file at the top). The older versions are only provided here in case you need to stick to a specific version for some reason.

Available Downloads
TrafficViewer Pro1.7.1.146December 31, 20233738KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.6.4.124March 30, 20153713KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.4.6.108February 11, 20143394KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.4.6.107January 18, 20143385KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.4.6.105July 12, 20133338KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.3.6.88November 29, 20123205KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.3.5.87November 6, 20123199KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.3.1.79September 12, 20113081KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.1.0.75December 2, 20103065KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.0.7.65July 22, 20102945KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.0.6.63July 18, 20102936KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.0.3.57April 9, 20102924KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.0.0.54February 5, 20102894KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro1.0.0.53January 27, 20102894KBDownload