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Additional Vehicle Classification Schemes, Not In Our Software

We have created, helped to create, or just reviewed several vehicle classifications schemes that are not included in TrafficViewer Pro by default. Either due to how specific they are or by not having enough feedback on them. You can find some of those on this page for your use or for you to use as a start for your own scheme.

How To Use
If you would like to use any of the schemes on this page you just need to click on the filename in the table below to download a data file that has the scheme included in it. Once downloaded, open up TrafficViewer Pro and then open the data file you downloaded. If you don't already have the classification scheme that is used in the file then you will be prompted to add it to your classification scheme list.

New scheme screenshot

All you have to do is click "Yes, update list" and that scheme will be added to the vehicle classification schemes that you have available in your software. Likewise if you create your own scheme or modify an existing one you can share the scheme just by saving a data file that uses that scheme and opening that data file just like this on another computer.

Vehicle Classification Scheme Data Files
Scheme Description Data File
NZTA 2011 New Zealand Transport Agency vehicle classification scheme, 2011 VehicleCounts_NZTA2011.tvp
TNZ 1999 Transit New Zealand vehicle classification scheme, 1999 (see above for newer NZ scheme) VehicleCounts_TNZ1999.tvp
Euro13 2018 European vehicle classification scheme, 2018 VehicleCounts_Euro13_2018.tvp

If you have a documented scheme that is not in our software and not on this list, you can contact us for assistance in creating the new scheme and we will add it to this list.