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About Us is a traffic counter manufacturer and a wholly owned subsidiary of R&R Technologies, Inc. was officially started in 2005.

R&R Technologies, Inc. is an engineering company that does electronic circuit design and software. R&R Technologies, Inc. started in 2000, and business ever since has been growing. R&R Technologies, Inc. has done engineering work for dozens of companies to help design new or improve old products. Due to the success of our traffic counting products we have since shifted our business entirely to the manufacturing and sales of our traffic counting products.

The principals in R&R Technologies, Inc. have been involved with the traffic counting industry since 1985. After many years of engineering work in the vehicle counting industry, we decided to come out with our own product... the MicroTally.

Due to lack of competition, high prices, and old technology we thought we would first take on the turning movement counter market with our MircoTally! The MicroTally is a newly designed, thus lower cost and smaller, turning movement counter designed by experienced engineers. The 14 button version (the MicroTally-14) was introduced in 2005, along with the WinTally software. Then, in 2007, we introduced our 18 button version (the MicroTally-18).

We also brought out our retrofit counter (which we have since discontinued due to our low cost PicoCount units) the RK-1 in 2007. It could be used to "repair" or "revitalize" old counters (by replacing the old internal electronics with an RK-1), or to create a new "custom" counter. This was a specialty counter and not for most end users.

In 2010, after years of development, we finally introduced our PicoCount 2500. This is a full blown classifier/counter with two channels to connect road tubes. All hose hit data is stored as timestamps and can be processed by the TrafficViewer Pro software as volume data, classifier data, and/or speed data. There is a lot of new technology (memory size, higher speed downloads, longer battery life) introduced with this product.

Along side the PicoCount 2500, in 2010, we also released our latest generation of software TrafficViewer Pro. This software still gets frequent updates and is used to download, process data, and create reports for PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units. (Older versions also support RK-1 units and RoadWay Data's RoadRunner units.)

In 2012 we brought out a couple of new products. The first new product of the year was our Road Tube Simulator which is an 8-channel air pulse generator to test road tube based vehicle counters. We also introduced our much anticipated PicoCount 4500 counter! This is a 4-channel version of the PicoCount 2500 counter with a few extra improvements on the 2500 design. The PicoCount 4500 also works with our free TrafficViewer Pro software.

In August, 2013, we brought out our NanoCount 1000 totalizer. This is a simple 1-channel totalizing counter with a display that shows the number of counts since the count was last cleared. Unlike our PicoCount units this counter does not have a download cable and does not connect to any software. It is a low-cost solution for those that do not want to generate reports and that do not need vehicle classification or speeds. This is recommended for drive-thrus or other simple counts where details are not needed.

In March 2015 we released a major TrafficViewer Pro software update which now handles multi-direction classification very well and also allows for multi-direction volume only counts.

In May 2015, we brought out our new CountBuddy II accessory which has an LCD display for viewing hits on the hoses to make sure the hoses are setup properly. The CountBuddy II can display up to 4 channels, so it works with both the PicoCount 2500 and Picocount 4500 units. We have also developed a PicoCount Download Adapter, which is a much more robust than our download cables and still allows connecting units to your computer via USB. The Download Adapter is replacing our old download cable.

On May 3rd, 2018 we shipped our 10,000th PicoCount 2500 unit!

We have sold thousands of counters within the US and around the world. Our counters are used in over 40 countries across 6 continents.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA.