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WinTally is the software used to download and print reports from data collected by the MicroTally-14 or MicroTally-18.

WinTally is FREE software for use with MicroTally turning movement counters.

Latest Version:
Released: May 26, 2015
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The requirements for our software are very minimal. If you have a Windows system from the last decade or so you should be able to install our software.

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Pentium or better
Memory: 16MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 8MB Free


  • Easy to use
  • Easily set a Unit ID code in the MicroTally units
  • Quick downloading and processing of MicroTally raw time-stamp data.
  • Fully configure the behavior of the MicroTally buttons after data is collected and downloaded.
  • Buttons can be used as "shift" buttons (to effectively get more than 14 different buttons).
  • A button may be used as a "video interval" button to more easily do counts based off of video sources.
  • Simple data summary screens for each study.
  • Saving and opening of the raw time-stamp data files for use in WinTally.
  • Exporting of MicroTally data into CSV files for easy import into any spreadsheet or database.
  • Clear and concise reports of MicroTally data.
  • Easily upgradable via the Internet by clicking on "Check for updates".
  • Auto-upgrades unit firmware if a new firmware version is available.

Changes in the latest release are listed below, you may view a complete list of all versions and changes if you want to review other versions.

Changes in version
NewAdded a simply way to choose a date/time for the start date/time of a file/download if the unit's time gets goofed up before downloading (typically that's a sign of a low/almost-dead battery).
FixFixed an issue with using a "Video Interval" type button across multiple studies.


The table below lists all available downloads for this software. It is recommended to always download the latest version (the file at the top). The older versions are only provided here in case you need to stick to a specific version for some reason.

Available Downloads
WinTally2.8.0.22May 26, 20153170KBDownload
WinTally2.7.0.20December 10, 20123128KBDownload
WinTally2.6.0.2November 30, 20113013KBDownload
WinTally2.6.0.1September 9, 20112991KBDownload
WinTally2.6.0.0August 23, 20112990KBDownload
WinTally2.5.0.2February 21, 20085622KBDownload
WinTally2.5.0.1February 4, 20085621KBDownload