New PicoCount Firmware Available
We have new firmware out for PicoCount 2500 units and PicoCount 4500 units, version 2.41. We recommend everyone upgrade there units to this new version to extend your battery life. To upgrade your units download and install our firmware installer. After you install just open up your TrafficViewer Pro software and connect your units one at a time. You will be prompted to upgrade your units if they have older firmware in them.

WinTally Version History

All WinTally release versions and the changes in those versions are listed below.

Changes in WinTally
NewAdded a simply way to choose a date/time for the start date/time of a file/download if the unit's time gets goofed up before downloading (typically that's a sign of a low/almost-dead battery).
FixFixed an issue with using a "Video Interval" type button across multiple studies.
Changes in WinTally
FixMade some major changes and improvements to communicating with MicroTally units. There were lots of problems when using USB-to-serial cables with many computers (and possibly regulard serial cables). WinTally should now connect to units on all computers, hopefully with all brands/varieties of USB-to-serial cables.
FixRemoved file type associations since they were causing an error message to appear in windows Vista and above. These may be added back in at a later time.
FixChanged the communications timeout in the software so that it will no longer timeout immediately when a unit is connected for the first time after the software was left with no unit connected for a while.
Changes in WinTally
minor release
NewAdded memory size checking so WinTally works with the new 2MB memory MicroTally units.
FixFixed a bug with the button layouts that would disable approaches if a button layout file was unable to load. This was likely a rather rare exception, however if a layout was created and saved based off of a layout that could not load, then that new saved layout would not let you set approaches for buttons. On the button layout screen, there would be no approach directions in the "Approach" dropdown list for a button (and none of the buttons in the table would have colored backgrounds). This has been fixed, and previous button layouts that did not have their approach directions in the dropdown list will now have them.
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded an alternate method for WinTally to scan COM ports for units. If you cannot connect to any units using a specific cable or using a specific computer, you can now go into "Preferences" and turn on "Alternate port scanning", which may behave slower at initial scan, but should see any COM port available.
FixThe processing has been modified to continue on and process all of the data and to report an error at the end instead of stopping immediately when encountering a "backwards" timestamp. Version added a new test on the data to check for "backwards" timestamps. (Timestamps that went back in time, instead of always going forward.) Timestamps cannot do that, so it does indicate a problem in the unit when that occurs. In, the processing stopped at that point and indicated a problem with an "Invalid Data" message, however in most cases when that has happened it only affected 1 timestamp (or at a time of quick button pressing, maybe a few).
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded the ability to store and use multiple button layouts and to specify which one to use by default. A button layout selection is now available at the top of the button layout screen.
NewAdded the ability to do counts based off of video by assigning a button as a "Video Interval" button that you can press each time the video time changes to a new interval (for example, every 15 minutes of video).
NewAdded a mouse-over hint to the "Firmware Version" field that will display unit health information (such as lifetime button presses on each button) for units that have 2.08+ or 3.08+ firmware versions.
NewAdded a new button to the multi-study save dialog that allows you to use the study locations as the filenames when saving the files. The default filename for saving a single study and for exporting a study is now the location.
FixAdded an extra test in the processing of data to handle studies that don't have an "end" timestamp (off switch/timeout/uart connected). This should never happen and indicates a problem with the unit, but the software will now gracefully handle these by using the next "start" as the end of the last study.
FixFixed a problem with handling non-US standard Windows date/time formats. Previously it would display "not a valid date/time" when trying to open a file with a system setup with a different date/time format.
FixFixed problems with merging studies. In very specific circumstances studies would not merge together, or would cause other problems.
FixThe software will now handle missing ON timestamps and missing OFF timestamps without a problem. This only happened in rare circumstances. The missing timestamps could have caused strange behavior, such as data not appearing on a report or access violations.
FixFixed a processing bug that would incorrectly cause the software to report there was corrupt data when there wasn't. This would have been most likely to happen after attempting to merge studies.
FixFixed a bug where approach names may have not been read in from a saved file the way they were saved.
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded the ability to choose installation folder when installing WinTally for the first time.
FixFixed a bug in the saving of the default button table. When the default buttons were changed by the user, in many cases the default buttons would save just fine, but in some circumstances it would not be saved.
FixChanged when the default buttons are saved. Previously when changing default button settings you would have to click "Save" after editing the buttons, and then "Save" again when exiting Preferences for the change to take effect. Now the default buttons are saved when clicking "Save" after editing them; if you click "Save" or "Cancel" on the Preferences window after that, it will have no affect on if the default buttons are saved or not.
FixChanged the file location of the default button table on new installations. It is now located in the MicroSoft suggested "Application Data\\WinTally" folder due to some writing permission problems for some people. If you already have an existing default button table, it will remain where it is. Most users will see no difference at all.
FixChanged the default data directory (at installation time) to be "My Documents\WinTally Data".
Changes in WinTally
NewDid a complete over-haul of the report statistics and totals.
NewAdded many more options to report options, so that all statistics can be enabled or disabled depending on the report and your preference.
NewAdded extra error checking code to the opening of a com port so that WinTally will hopefully not hang when attempting to scan a BlueTooth com port that is no longer there. This extra code was added as a precaution for those that have used or do use BlueTooth devices, due to a serious bug in BlueTooth drivers/software, com ports for BlueTooth devices that are no longer attached still show up on the computer and can cause program lockup.
NewAdded "Data Type" for each button (you can choose between 4 different types, which you can name in "Preferences"). You can now specify the type of data that a button was used to count and that data will be split out into different tables on reports by default (however, you can choose to include some or all data types into the main table).
NewThe title on the reports can now be customized in "Preferences".
NewAdded an "Intersection Summary" table which you can choose to print at the bottom of your report. The intersection summary will show a summary of each approach by data type. If only one data type is used or no shifted buttons are used, then the intersection summary will not be printed.
NewAdded UTDF (Universal Traffic Data Format) volume exporting. (untested with Synchro -- as of release unable to obtain a non-demo version of Synchro for testing)
FixChanged/clarified the way disabled buttons and unselected buttons are used in calculating statistics for reports. Report statistics only include buttons that are shown on the report, so disabled buttons or unchecked columns should behave identical -- they won't show and they won't be included in any statistics.
FixFixed an odd quirk in the graphical button layout screen. When trying to uncheck the "enabled" checkbox in the grid, it would not get rid of the check mark unless you already had that row selected first, so 2 clicks were required at times.
FixTo avoid confusion, the "Approach" combobox on the graphical button layout screen is now disabled for shift/shiftlock buttons. This does not change functionality at all because the actual shift button's approach is never used only the shifted button's approach is used.
FixAdded Peak Factor back to reports. In a recent version it was accidentally removed.
FixPeak hour, peak total, and peak factor (PHF) are now not displayed (even if checked) if there is not enough data to calculate these.
FixFixed a minor bug in exporting which, at times, could have caused the first record to export twice at the beginning of the data (but the first one showing all 0's). It was most noticeable when using an interval of 1 minute, however it could have happened at any interval setting.
FixThe behavior of the date/time range selection, when exporting and printing reports, has been changed to it's intended behavior. The range selected now applies BEFORE any time adjustment is made, this way for the majority of users, all of your data will still be selected by default if you need to adjust the time. This means if you enter in 11:57 for your start time and then enter in a 3 for time adjustment your start time will really be 12:00. Prior to this change, if you made a time adjustment you had to modify your start and stop date/time ranges so that all data would print out by default.
FixFixed a memory overrun problem when downloading data out of MicroTally-18 units if the default button table has never been modified or preferences saved. This may have caused unknown and strange behavior to occur in those cases.
FixAs of version merging studies with newer MicroTally-14 units (version 3.04 or higher) caused an "Invalid Data Encountered" error. This has been fixed.
FixFixed a bug with upgrading of units in, it should not have upgraded units to 3.06. The latest working firmware version is 3.04. Please contact us if you have version 3.06 in any of your units.
Changes in WinTally
FixAdded a work-around for expired demo units. This will allow version 3.x expired demo units to add more demo time with an activation code.
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded export to PDF.
NewReport and export settings are now saved automatically. So if the same options are always selected they won't have to be set each time the software is used.
NewAdded a way to adjust column sizes (all columns at once) for the report.
NewAdded an option to print all on one page. This will stack all the tables (or as many as will fit) on to one page if you have shifted data.
FixFixed a minor bug when changing the default data directory in "Preferences", occasionally it wouldn't update until the software was reloaded. Now, if it is changed it will always take effect immediately.
FixChanged the way the com ports are scanned. When the WinTally software was opened up it scanned to see what ports exist on the computer. Now it will perform that scan any time the "Scan for unit" button is clicked. This allows USB-to-serial cables to be plugged in to the USB port after the software is already running.
Changes in WinTally
FixFixed problem with opening of saved files for the MicroTally-18. When a unit was not connected files could not be opened if one of the 4 corner buttons was used in the data file.
Changes in WinTally
NewCom ports that are currently used on your computer are now scanned when looking for a unit (instead of always scanning coms 1-8). If you have com ports above 8 on your system, they will now be scanned as well.
NewAdded graphical view of MicroTally unit for setting button names. MicroTally-18's are also supported in this new graphical format with all 18 buttons showing.
NewAdded the ability to change which "approach" each button is in.
NewAdded default button table for new MicroTally-18, corner keys by default are "Peds" keys.
NewAdded start/stop date/time range for reports and exports.
FixReports had some quirks with the percentages shown. Notes about the percentages shown on the reports: The percentages for "Approach %" are the same -- they are the percent of an approach's entire traffic total (not just for that page). The "Total %" gave strange results when displaying shifted data, it now will be the percent of total intersection traffic (this includes all shifted data). Percentages are all rounded to the nearest 10th of a percent, so percentage numbers will add up slightly higher or lower than 100% due to the rounding. If you count pedestrians or bicycles, depending on how you use the data, you may want to print them on a separate report (by unselecting those columns, printing, then selecting only those columns). That way they won't be included in the total and approach percentages, as well as the peak factor.
Changes in WinTally
FixKeys setup as shift-lock keys would not turn off the shift-lock state when pressed again. They now work as they should. Note: All data files that have used this in the past should now load up properly.
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded new 3.03 firmware for newer generation MicroTally units. Any units with firmware 3.x should be upgraded to 3.03 immediately.
FixFixed a typo on the "Data Selection" window... "seperate" is now "separate".
Changes in WinTally
NewNew 2.07 firmware is now available and units will need to be upgraded to take advantage of new features.
NewThe MicroTally unit's timeout (when no keys are pressed it automatically turns off) can now be changed or even disabled by clicking on "Change Timeout". This requires MicroTally units to be upgraded to firmware version 2.07.
NewAdded the ability to merge multiple studies, at the time of download, into one study.
FixOn some multiple-monitor systems the WinTally window would open off of the screen. This should be fixed now.
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded the naming of approaches and "group by approach" to reports.
NewAdded more statistics to reports most of which are related to approaches. (total %, approach %, peak hour, approach peak, and peak factor)
NewAdded code to convert old button names to new approach and button names. (i.e. finds occurrences of "Northbound" in button names and remove it and sets approach to "Northbound")
FixWhen printing, the data selection form had the text "Columns to export", changed that to "Columns to print".
FixWhen downloading, if user presses "Cancel" when prompted for button names or study info, it now aborts back to the main window instead of continuing to the data overview screen.
NewAdded software version to data file, all versions of software from this point on will make sure the data was not saved with a NEWER version of software before opening a file. This will prevent version conflicts with data files.
FixChanged button labeled "Save" when editing buttons to "Continue >>" or "OK" depending on the circumstance. So "Save" isn't confused with actually saving to a file.
FixFixed a possible bug with having different button set-ups for different studies in the same download. It may have saved the same button configuration for each study. This has been fixed.
FixFixed a bug in the date on reports. It would show the numeric month followed by the month name, instead of the numeric day followed by month name as it should have.
NewAdded the ability to upgrade demo units to extend demo time or change into a full unit.
FixFirst time installations when run for the first time may have had strange behavior, subsequent runs should have worked fine. This has been fixed.
FixOn a first time installation, "What's new" is no longer shown since everything is new.
NewAdded the use of the new store/restore commands to store and restore unit settings before/after unit upgrades.
Changes in WinTally
bug fix release
FixFixed a bug with the new peak hour feature, it wasn't being calculated in the version that was released (peak counts would show as 0).
FixWhen there was no data available for download the data summary screen would still be displayed. This has been fixed and the data summary is no longer shown when there is no data.
FixWhen no buttons are enabled there is nothing to print/export, so when clicking print/export it would cause an error in previous versions. Now when no buttons are enabled in a study the "print" and "export" buttons can no longer be pressed.
NewA few minor cosmetic enhancements for improved user-friendliness.
Changes in WinTally
NewShifted button names can now be changed to anything the user enters.
NewAll buttons (including shifted buttons) can now be exported/printed in any order the user chooses, the order is set in the button header.
NewComboboxes are always visible for the button type when editing the button layout, this makes it a bit more user-friendly.
NewAdded starting date/time next to study when entering locations/comments so it's easier to identify a study.
NewAdded a more standard export and moved the old export to "Standard (Variation #1)", also added a timestamp export to export the actual timestamps.
NewAdded some more features to the reports, such as the ability to subtotal every X intervals, and a peak hour calculation.
Changes in WinTally
critical update
NewUnit auto-upgrading code added, if there is a new version of firmware for your units,
FixA new version of firmware is available (version 2.02). It is recommended you upgrade
NewWhen opening files, there is now a quick summary screen when you are selecting a file to open which
Changes in WinTally
NewAdded internet updating feature. By default the internet will automatically be checked
NewAdded a "What's New" which will display any changes in WinTally since the previously
NewAdded .wtd file association, so clicking on a .wtd file now opens WinTally and loads that file.
NewAdded an icon for WinTally and for WinTally (.wtd) files.
Changes in WinTally
NewThis is the first official release of WinTally version 2.
NewFinished basic code for multiple studies...
NewData is now saved in separate files for each study. Also "Save Raw Data" was added