New PicoCount Firmware Available
We have new firmware out for PicoCount 2500 units and PicoCount 4500 units, version 2.41. We recommend everyone upgrade there units to this new version to extend your battery life. To upgrade your units download and install our firmware installer. After you install just open up your TrafficViewer Pro software and connect your units one at a time. You will be prompted to upgrade your units if they have older firmware in them.

Roadway nails (pack of 8) Item# VC-NAIL-P8

Pack of 8 roadway nails. These are 1/4" (6.35mm) nails 2" (51mm) in length, specifically designed for driving into pavement and other hard materials.


Length: 2" (51mm)
Diameter: 0.25" (6.35mm)
Weight (of pack): 0.3 lbs (136g)
Accessory for: PicoCount 2500, PicoCount 4500, NanoCount 1000

Ordering Info

Price: $5.00