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PicoCount 2500 / PicoCount 4500 / TrafficViewer Pro FAQ

This FAQ will always be a work in progress. We will add the most common questions here. This FAQ applies to all models of our PicoCount units and our TrafficViewer Pro software.

My order arrived with no manual and no TrafficViewer Pro software, whats up?

Normally, the PicoCount units are shipped without these items. The manual is online at this website, the latest version of TrafficViewer Pro is also always available for download from this site.

Does my order come with a download cable or can I go to a store and buy one?

We do not ship a cable as part of a purchase, you will need to decide how many cables you want and order those along with your PicoCount units. Generally you will just want one cable, or perhaps one cable per computer that will be used. Due to the connector on the PicoCount unit, the cables used for downloading are custom cables and they can only be purchased from us.

Our cable is now just an "adapter" that you can use with a standard USB cable (if you purchase an adapter we include a standard USB cable with it) to connect to and download from the PicoCount counters. Part number VC-DA-USB.

How do I upgrade my PicoCount to the latest firmware?

Whenever you download the latest version of TrafficViewer Pro software, it will contain any patches/upgrades that may be available for PicoCount units. When you connect your PicoCount unit with the software you will automatically be notified if there is a more recent version of PicoCount firmware available and you will be prompted to upgrade the unit.

How do I get the PicoCount data into my Excel spreadsheet?

Once downloaded, TrafficViewer Pro will let you export data into a spreadsheet and database compatible *.CSV file. You may export the data in interval totals, or as timestamps. See the TrafficViewer Pro manual on exporting data.

Why won't TrafficViewer Pro connect to the internet to upgrade?

TrafficViewer Pro connects to the update server on port 80 and using the HTTP protocol (just as a web browser does). You may have firewall software installed that is blocking TrafficViewer Pro from accessing the internet. Check with your IT department for help in allowing TrafficViewer Pro (TrafficViewerPro.exe) access to the internet to check for updates. Or, you can just download the latest version by hand and install it (no uninstall required) to upgrade your version.

If you don't find the answer to one of your questions here, and you have not yet done so, you may want to browse through our product manuals:

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