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TrafficViewer Pro main release and TrafficViewer Pro BETA

TrafficViewer Pro *BETA* Version History

All TrafficViewer Pro Beta release versions and the changes in those versions are listed below.

Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewCreated new updater and installers so they will now fully function and work with Windows UAC properly. Versions before this will require a manual download and install, after that the updater within the software will function again. The initial update or install will require admin privileges and they will be requested a second time to cleanup the old installation, after that no admin privileges will be required.
NewNew firmware for the PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 are included. The most up-to-date firmware is version 2.41.
NewAdded gap (vehicle separation) report and export.
NewAdded optional "mean speed" data column to speed report and csv export to get hourly mean speeds.
NewAdded optional "85th percentile" data column to speed report and csv export to get hourly 85th percentile speeds.
NewAdded "headway" option in preferences to allow gaps to be calculated using headway instead.
NewAdded ODOT export for volume/class.
NewChanged self-updater.
NewThe firmware included in the software for PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units is now the latest stable version, version 2.40.
NewAdded special handling of speed bins, the default bins have ranges such as 20-24, 25-29, 30-34. But when changed from the defaults some times bins get entered as 20-25,25-30,30-35. The software will now handle both of those scenarios the same so the bins work as the user intended.
NewAdded the same report options when printing to PDF exports.
NewAdded a test to processing of 4-channel data when a median is involved, processing should work better and much faster for these setups.
NewAdded all report options (new and old) to preferences so defaults can be set.
FixMinor changes were made to the help text for command line parameters.
FixUpdated links under "Help" to our online documentation and TrafficViewer Pro website, they were out of date.
FixMade a processing tweak to test axle speeds within a vehicle to achieve better clustering.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded Geocounts per-vehicle export ("Vehicle List" export).
NewTo help prevent issues the start date/time is now highlighted in red if it is 01/01/2011 (which is the date the unit has after a firmware upgrade), this indicates the unit data needs to be cleared before the counter can be used.
FixINDOT made a slight change to the PRN files they accept so the format has been updated. The "minutes" part of the start time in the file header will now have 00 minutes (like all other PRN formats) instead of 01 minutes. (i.e. so a study starting at noon will have "1200" for it's start time instead of the old format's "1201".)
FixFixed a bug when using the "Custom Filename Format" feature with PRN exports to auto-generate filenames. The custom data type text (tag %TYPETEXT%) was being ignored (or possibly causing other strange behavior) for class, speed, and all-in-one exports.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
Graphical view updates
NewAdded viewing of amplitude values (along with changing the color of the hit depending on amplitude) on the graphical timestamp view for our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewAdded exporting of amplitudes to the hose hit list when exporting data from our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewModified the display on the graphical timestamp screen so it will always show a hit even if it's not to scale (instead of not displaying hits graphically when zoomed way out).
NewNow when zooming in with the mouse wheel on the graphical timestamp view it will zoom in and out where the mouse cursor is (within about 1/10th of a second).
FixFixed the graphical timestamp view so it no longer crashes when opening it on two different files without closing the software.
FixFixed a floating point calculation issue when scrolling in the graphical timestamp view which would ocassionally cause the scrolling to stop working until you changed zoom levels and moved around a bit.
FixFixed a bug with the graphical timestamp view that didn't show the first day with actual data if the first day after the counter was cleared had no hits in it.
FixAdjusted the short-short/long-long filtering to allow for up to 4 inches of hose movement (in each direction) in case hoses are not secured well. This allows for better filtering of the long hose data in cases where hoses have moved around a bit.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed a bug and slightly modified some behavior with processing short-short/long-long classification setups on 4-channel counters so that short hose hits are filtered out of the long hose hits better.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded help text to several of the options at the bottom of the "Data Settings" screen, help is shown when the mouse is over the field.
NewNew firmware is available for 4-channel counters. Firmware version 2.33. It is a recommended update. If the firmware gets installed on your computer you should be prompted up update your counters when they are plugged in. If not, you can download our firmware installer from our website.
FixFixed a minor bug with the text on the "Axles/Vehicle" panel, it was way off to the right can cut-off.
FixOther minor appearance-related changes.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded a new export type, "Geocounts" export. Currently only the axle count export is enabled, future support for vehicle or class exports may be added.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewSignificantly improved multi-directional classification processing in most cases.
NewThere have been some moderate improvements in overall classification processing, probably more noticable in heavier traffic and at slower speeds.
NewAdded directional volume processing of count-only data. So with two tubes stretched across a multi-lane road (or parking lot entrance, etc.) if the tubes are close together (recommended under 1 foot) volume only counts can be determined based on the order in which the tubes are hit. A new checkbox "Directional Volume" is now on the "Data Settings"/hose layout screen, it is only enabled when "Unknown Hose Spacing" is checked and two hoses are across one or more lanes.
FixFixed several bugs with the Graphical Timestamp View. Moving around in it and closing/reopening the view should no longer cause "Access Violation" errors to occur. And some sections of data that were not displayed before should now show up in this view.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewA new version of firmware for 4-channel counters is in this release... version 2.31. This fixes a bug related to plugging the count buddy in to a counter on newer 4-channel counters. New PicoCount 4500 counters were putting the wrong "count buddy connected" timestamp into the data, counters over a year old didn't have this problem. This bug would cause an error message to appear after downloading indicating there were a few bytes of corrupt data.
FixFixed a bug that could cause data to be skewed in reports or exports in very specific circumstances -- it was more apt to occur, and be noticeable, in very light traffic. (If the selected report/export start time was on the same minute as a hose hit, the following data would be off by the number of minutes that there were no hose hits at all).
FixFixed "Preferences" default settings for new installations. At some point these settings got removed so some values in "Preferences" after a fresh install were random numbers. All numbers should now be more standard values in "Preferences" with new installations of the software.
FixFixed a bug when the unit time's out or is otherwise disconnected after a download while sitting at the data settings (hose layout) screen. If the unit is disconnected before using the "Layout Selection" screen, then there were no layouts to choose from, it was blank. Now a unit can be disconnected and there will still be the normal layout options when clicking on "Select Layout".
FixFixed a display problem when a system was set to use a higher DPI for it's monitor (higher than 96DPI). Some controls would have their text cut-off and most notably the speed and classification grids ont he data overview screen would show only partial lines (i.e. the top half of the text) for each row in the grid. DPI scaling is no longer attempted so no text will be cut off due to a higher DPI setting.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded an option to set the default road layout for 2-channel and 4-channel counters in Preferences. So if you frequently use the same tube layout you can now go into Preferences, and on the "Proccessing Defaults" tab under "Layout Defaults" there are two buttons "2-Channel Layout" and "4-Channel Layout" where you can choose your default layouts.
NewAdded options for calculating the ADT and some help text on the report range selection screen for Weekly Volume reports. The default when not specifying an exact date/time range is not to show an ADT, and when specifying a start/stop range the default is to calculate it based on "Total Volume / # of Hours x 24".
NewAdded CountBuddy II firmware upgrade support.
FixFixed a bug introduced in the last beta release with the new day of week on reports. The report's "Study Date" was showing dates such as "09/19/2014 / Friday, 09/19/2014" instead of just "Friday, 09/19/2014". This bug was on all reports except the Weekly Volume report when using English measurements.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewNew firmware is available for PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units. Version 2.30. Any units older than this will show a prompt to upgrade. This is the recommended firmware version to use.
NewAdded multi-lane classification with 4-channel counter as a short-short/long-long hose setup. This is brand new and still a work in progress it will likely be improved upon in the next release.
NewAdded "Graphical Timestamp View" back into the software. This can be helpful for troubleshooting classes and processing. It is accessed by selecting "View|Advanced|Graphical Timestamp View" from the menu at the top of the window while having a file open. The list of all timestamps is also available under "View|Advanced|Show Timestamp List".
NewThe day of week is now shown on reports along with the date.
NewAdded date above day of week on weekly reports.
NewAdded a report option to show the "comments" field on reports.
NewAdded a report option to hide file path information on reports.
FixCommand-line arguments that connect to units now require firmware 2.25 or higher on units or they will not work.
FixFixed a bug with the hose setup description displayed on the data overview screen. Single hose setups would show a hose spacing, they no longer do.
FixFixed a bug in the Weekly Volume Report when there were multiple pages and multiple directions. On the second and furtehr pages the first day of the weekly report would have the direction columns flipped from the rest of the data, there was also a blank cell in one of the columns, and the stats were in the opposite order (the stats were not flipped). This is fixed, all days on all pages should print in the same order for multiple directions, and the stats should match.
FixFixed a bug that would occasionally allow a cluster to have 1 axle. While this typically wouldn't affect much, it could cause problems with "Always classify as..." and "Divide unclassified axles by" settings if used in a scheme's "Unclassified Handling" rules.
FixFixed a bug with an error that would pop up when trying to run a weekly report if there were two lanes with the same (or similar) names.
FixThe built in updater should now show as the publisher instead of showing as unknown publisher when prompting for access to perform the update.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded a new "Allow limited-release firmware updates for units" checkbox in Preferences, on the "General" tab. When this is checked if we have a new firmware update available which is not yet a full public release then your units will be upgraded to that limited release. (We usually slowly issue firmware updates to groups of units for quite some time before making it a public release in case there is a problem with a new firmware version -- but if you are having problems you may want to try the latest firmware).
FixMoved buttons on "Data Overview" panel to the righthand side instead of at the bottom. This way, devices with low resolution screens can still click on the buttons. (On top of that there always has been the option to use the "File" menu in the upper-left of the screen for all of these tasks.)
FixWe have issued a limited firmware release of version 2.25 for PicoCount 2500 and 4500 units which fixes several bugs. Most bugs rarely occurred but for those that had firmware 2.23 or 2.24 in their units (even after downgrading) it appears those bugs may have somehow occurred most consistantly. If you are having unit problems you may want to try the new 2.25 release by checking the new "Allow limited-release firmware updates for units" checkbox in preferences and then plugging in your units.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixIt has been determined that our new 2.23 and 2.24 firmware, which is only in a small group of units, has a bug and needs to be downgraded to 2.20. This update will allow downgrading units with 2.23 and 2.24 firmware.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixIncluded new firmware version 2.24. This unit firmware update will only occur if you have units with 2.23 firmware as that firmware has a bug. This is currently a limited release; versions before 2.23 will not yet be updated.
FixMinor cosmetic changes (typo, suite #, and copyright year changes).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed an issue with printing reports that was introduced in the very last beta release.
FixModified the new "Weekly Volume Report" so that you can now print this report even if you only have a single lane of data collected.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded command-line parameters to allow downloading data from a counter, choosing a hose setup, and saving and exporting the data, etc. all without using the user-interface. So data can be retrieved froma counter from within a batch file for automated processing.
NewAdded some options to run an external program after exporting data. The options for this are in "Preferences" on the "Reports & Exports" tab.
FixFixed a problem when trying to "Export Scheme to CSV" in the scheme editor for a scheme that was created or modified. Now schemes can be exported (the only purpose of this is just to look at a table of spacings). Please note that some scheme types that don't test number of axles and axle spacings will not export (schemes that only use total spacing for example).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded a new Weekly Volume Report.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed a bug with class and speed CSV exports (this may have also been the case for non-CSV exports) when only one direction was selected and only speed OR class data. In this case the exported CSV file would only have a few header lines with no data. If any combination of data types or multiple directions were selected the exports worked fine. When selecting one type of data for one direction the exports should now work properly.
FixRemoved "Axle Volume" option from PDF export; it was not meant to be an option for PDF exports.
FixChanged color of fixed ("title") rows in range selection list so it is less confusing when there is only one direction listed below each title. The gradient could cause confusion before and in some cases the wrong resports or exports were selected.
FixFixed a bug with the FDOT PRN exports, when exporting two lane volume exports both lanes had the same counts.
FixThere was a strange bug that sometimes occurred after leaving the software at the Data Overview screen for a long time and then going into the Print or Export range selection screen. Occasionally there was an "M" in the date where the month would go. Simply reprocessing the data or exiting/reloading the applicaiton got around this. It wasn't very reproducable, but it's possible this issue is now fixed.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded the ability to change the hardware dwell in PicoCount 2500 units made after March, 2012. Changing the hardware dwell inside the unit is NOT recommended (you will more than likely get worse results with your collected data). It should normally be left at 30ms unless you have good reason to change it (i.e. it's required by a contract). This new hardware dwell can be changed by clicking on the "Configure Unit" button (where the Unit ID is located).
NewWhen exporting multiple files at once the multiple file save dialog now has several options for a "base filename" that can be used, instead of just the default date/time.
FixAdded All-In-One CSV exports back into the beta software. They were removed when the exports were cleaned up/rewritten with the first release of 1.4.x.x (beta). The "Export Version" field in the header of the CSV will now be "All V2.03". The main change to the CSV layout is that the data columns will no longer be in a strange order as they may have been in 1.3.x.x.
FixIn PRN exports, as of 1.4.x.x (beta), the data type for class and speed exports was an incorrect value. That has been fixed and the data type should again be reported properly in the header of the PRN file.
FixAlso in PRN exports, as of 1.4.x.x (beta), most bi-directional PRN exports had some sort of issue (such as all 0's for one direction). PRN exports are now fully functional again.
FixMulti-lane exports for WSDOT were fixed. Also combinations of exports (i.e. volume, speed, and class exports) can now be selected for WSDOT when exporting without causing a problem.
FixCorrected the new export selection list for some export types, removed export options from the list that are not available for various export types.
FixFixed a memory leak that occurred when closing data files with 4 channels of data set up to do classification on both sides of a median. This didn't affect any results in the software such as how data was processed or reports in any way.
FixFixed a 1-minute skew when specifying specific times for a range of data to print or export. (This did not affect data when using the "# of days" range selection.)
FixFixed some strange behavior which could occur when exporting PDFs without first previewing the report.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded the ability to change the percentages, text, and colors on the quality meters that are displayed for classification data. This will allow users to set more appropriate percentages that they find acceptable. Meters can even be turned off individually.
NewAdded a few additional tests to the unit connection screen. If the memory usages, or the unit's date/time or start date/time are invalid the field will be highlighted and help text will show if the mouse is over these fields. While this will help catch a rare instance where the unit has a problem, it is mainly to get the user's attention after a unit's firmware has been updated -- in that case it is common for these values to be out of normal ranges and this is easily corrected by clicking on "Clear Unit Data" after the firmware update.
NewAdded a second dwell when doing hose layouts with a median in case there is a need to have different dwells on each side of the median.
NewAdded the ability to save data files in the format used in version 1.3.x.x of the software since the data file format has changed slightly since then and version 1.3.x.x has been in use for quite some time. This feature is available under the "File" menu at the top of TrafficViewer Pro by clicking on "File", then "Advanced" and finally "Save data in v1.3.x.x format".
FixThe "What is this?" Button next to the quality meters stopped working in one of the recent beta versions. It now shows the data quality help again. Minor adjustments were also made to the help.
FixFixed a bug with the data quality meter for multi-lane setups... it was show a much lower percent (worse) than it should have been in most cases.
FixRemoved the 4-channel short-short/long-long classification option from the list shown in the beta version since it is not yet implemented. This item will be added in a future release and will put on the list of available hose layouts at that time.
FixRemoved the All-In-One export option which has been disabled in the beta version for some time now. Previous all-in-one exports may have had some problems, this export needs to be reviewed in detail before it is re-enabled. If this is a feature you have frequently used in the past, please notify us so we can make this a higher priority. As it is we are not aware of any users that need these exports.
FixFixed the axle spacings in the "Vehicle List" (vehicle timestamps) Export. The spacings were always exported in Metric (centimeters) even if measurements were selected to be in English units. Now it will export centimeters or inches appropriately. The Export Version field in the CSV header for vehicle timestamp exports was increased, it now reads: "VehicleTS V2.12".
FixExporting multiple class or speed files at once as CSV files showed strange titles in the multiple file save window. The titles of the rows (which all showed "Total") were wrong. This has been fixed.
FixFixed the CSV exports so that multiple directions can be exported to multiple files at once.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewMade a few changes to channel selection, display, and assignment on the layout graphic. Moved the channel labels on the layout graphic so the channel labels (A,B,C,D) for hoses on the other side of a median will be right above those hoses so it is more clear what hose is assigned to what channel. Now hoses and channels will be highlighted as the mouse is moved over them. And added a quicker way to swap channels; the channel pop up menu will now give you the ability to swap channels.
FixOn the speed reports the Median and Modal speeds were incorrect, this has been fixed. Previously the modal speed shown on the reports was actually the calculation for median speed, and the median speed shown on the reports was a wrong calculation and could have been far off of the other types of averages.
FixMade a very slight change in how short/long hose setups are calculated. If throughout the course of a minute there were only vehicles in the short hose lane, then there is a chance that the long hose could have one less hit than the short hose (if the short hose is leading the long) if the minute changes after a tire cross the short but before it crosses the long hose. This had a very minor affect of causing an overcount of one hit (if there was another set of odd axles to pair with it would be 1 vehicle count off in a divide by 2 scenario). Partial undercounts are now carried over so they are properly accounted for.
FixChanged the wording in the window that pops up to confirm clearing unit data. All references to "reset unit" were removed for clarification.
FixRemoved all file types that we don't actually open from the Open and Save File listings. These will be added back in if we add support for these file types.
FixFixed a bug when trying to print a report when there was less than one minute of data in the unit, it would cause an "access violation".
FixFixed a bug when opening an old data file (saved before 1.4.x.x) with short/long where B is the short hose. The numbers would show up as they were, but if you looked in the new data setting screen to review the hose setup it would show the long hose in the wrong position on the graphical display.
FixWhen changing layout with an unknown spacing into a two hose same-length layout with a known spacing it would not let you specify the lane travel direction until you left and re-entered the data settings screen. The travel direction arrow(s) will now appear immediately when a hose spacing is entered.
FixA message is now displayed in the data setup screen if a two lane classificaiton setup is selected and the lanes are both set in the same direction. Those setups will be saved as a single lane -- there is no way to tell the lanes apart when both hoses are across both lanes of the data in the same travel direction.
FixThe order of the channels connected to each hose is now kept when changing the layout type instead of always setting it back to A,B,C,D.
FixRemoved "Custom Report" button which was accidentally included in the last beta release. This is an upcoming feature and is not yet finished.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed a bug with the lane directions being opposite what was selected when using the old style setup screen when doing multi-direction classificaiton studies, if you have been using a beta version of or later you should re-run reports in this version if you do multi-direction classifications and were not using the newer data settings screens. While this bug is fixed it is recommended to use the new data settings screen that was introduced in if you are not already. You may check what you are using or change this option in "Preferences" under the "Processing Defaults" tab. The first option "Use old-style hose setup screen for 2-channel counters" should be unchecked to use the new screen.
FixThere was a bug when opening an old file in the new software, the hose setup would not be read in properly and would need to be changed. Old files should now open and show the proper hose setups.
FixChanged the default Data Settings screen to use the new hose layout screen if no software was previously installed. The new layout screen also supports 4-channel counters.
FixFixed a bug on the last day of a leap year the date would show as 01/01 of that year. This was in the display only... days before and after were shown as the correct dates.
FixFixed some cut off help text for the multi-lane layout selection.
FixOn the layout screen, moved the help text to the left side of the screen and other minor tweaks (cannot resize selection window, shrunk button panel on the bottom).
FixRemoved the "Total" from the overview screen display if there is only one lane in the setup.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed a bug with the software handling the new CountBuddy timestamps. Each time a CountBuddy was plugged in to a unit with 2.20 firmware, the software mistakenly treated that as a hose hit on the last hose that was hit.
FixFixed a bug in the last two beta releases that could skew data when printing or exporting all of the data. Previous files can be reopened and reviewed if needed, they will load the same.
FixFixed a bug when loading files saved with the last two beta versions. Files may have shown a message that there was "no data to process", even though there was. All files (even ones previously saved) should now load up properly.
FixFixed a bug when using the old data settings screen (with the checkboxes on the left). When a median setup was selected it would not show both hoses.
FixCleaned up the text descriptions for median and "unknown spacing" setups.
FixFixed a bug with PRN exports not exporting multiple lanes properly.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed a bug with some setups when loading a volume only file or when downloading data and selecting a volume only layout. Sometimes the software would show 0 vehicles and would require changing layouts to something else and back before properly showing the vehicle counts for the data.
FixFixed a couple of bugs with the "Posted Speed" that were introduced in the last beta version ( The "Posted Speed" displayed on the data overview screen and on the speed report and export was always in Metric (KPH). The "Posted Speed" would also read back as 1MPH different in some cases on the "Edit Header" screen.
FixFixed a bug introduced in the last beta version ( where reports/exports on non-leap years were off by 1 day.
FixFixed a bug with the new faster handling of bins with 0 counts. When the range of data selected to print/export began during an area of 0 counts the data would be shifted so there were no 0's at the beginning, this could skew data several hours. This didn't affect printing the entire data set, only if specific days or other ranges were selected.
FixFixed a bug with the description of the layout shown on the Data Overview screen. It would always read "Two hoses" if it was a 2-channel counter, and "Four hoses" if it was a 4-channel ignoring the actual number of hoses used in the layout selected. Now the number of hoses used is shown as intended.
FixOn the Data Settings screen the channel selection menu was changed so that it only has the channels available on the counter (in the last release it allowed selecting C & D channels even on 2-channel counters).
FixIn an effort to make everything user friendly the "Edit Header" button was renamed to "Data Settings", along with the title of the screen that it brings up (which are the same as before).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewThe software now fully supports our new PicoCount 4500 4-channel counter with all setups except 4-channel (short/long) classification which will be added later.
NewNew important firmware update for PicoCount 2500 units (V2.20) to fix a rare (but major) bug which could cause units problems. It is recommended all units are upgraded to this version. This firmware version will also enable the PicoCount security features (turned off by default) for those that want to password protect their units.
NewMade major internal enhancements to how dates and times are stored and processed, this should have a slight speed improvement along with other benefits.
NewAdded a "Calculate Dwell" button to help come up with good dwells based on the "Posted Speed" entered. By default the dwell is calculated to not filter out hits within 48 inches (122cm) of each other at the posted speed. Which should allow heavy trucks multi-axles. This value can be adjusted in the Preferences screens under the "Processing Defaults" tab.
NewModified counts only setups to use a new redundant display method if hoses are across the same lanes. Instead of just using hose A for the lane, now if hoses are across the all the same lanes (in counts only setups), the software will use the hose with the most hits each minute (so if a hose breaks or has a crack it will switch to using the other hose for that period). This should result in the best possible data.
NewLanes with the same name (or direction) will now automatically get the channel(s) added to the name so they can be identified easily. But, as always, you can give the lanes any name you want so the ability to identify them yourself is still there. NOTE: This only occurs when using the new hose setup screen, the old setup screen will behave the same if you choose to use that.
FixClassification Scheme/Rules Editor now defaults to inches or centimeters based on the measurement set in your preferences (English/Metric) when opened for the first time, instead defaulting to centimeters.
FixNOTE: All CSV exports have changed slightly (to allow for the new possible lanes with 4-channel counters and because there's only one dwell time in the header now). So all CSV versions in their headers have had their version increased. Be sure to test this if you automate the importing into other software.
FixChanged the text on the "Reset Unit" button to read "Clear Unit Data" to make it easier for first time users to understand it's intended use.
FixGreatly improved the processing speed and memory usage for portions of time with no data. This will improve processing times greatly for any counters that sat on the shelf for long periods of time and were not reset before using. It will improve the memory use and processing speed of all studies to some extent (light traffic will have the most improvement on processing speed). This should also fix the "EEFACE" error which was displayed when processing some data when memory ran out.
FixWhen specifying a specific date/time range the start time will be rounded up if it's not on a whole interval, and the stop time will be rounded down instead of always rounding to the nearest interval.
FixRemoved pop-up error message if communications log file cannot be written to. So now those systems with permissions that don't allow the log file to be created will no longer pop up an error message every time the software is opened.
FixThe graphical timestamp display is currently being revised and is temporarily disabled.
FixFixed a bug with a missing quote in the header of timestamp exports.
FixFixed a bug with timestamp exports that were exported as "Seconds since start date/time". The timestamps were not out of skew with each other but they may have been several seconds off from the start time shown in the file (timestampts were being calculated from the start time shown but were also using the seconds from when the unit was reset which were not displayed in the file). Now all timestamp exports in this format are in seconds from the time shown with :00 seconds (if the start time in the file is 16:26, the timestamps in seconds are from 16:26:00 as one would expect). Timestamp exports in the more common formats of "Readable date/time" or "Days since Dec 30, 1899" were already exported properly.
FixFixed a bug that could occur when there was a failure to download data from a unit (which is a very rare condition -- such as unplugging a unit during download). It could have caused TrafficViewer Pro to crash or otherwise behave strangely.
FixFixed a bug with multi-lane processing when the software attempted to recluster (which happens in heavy traffic). This could have caused an "Access Violation" or other strange behavior while processing.
FixFixed installer to install under all users instead of the currently logged in user. Which caused problems when logged in as Administrator. This should work just fine for Windows XP through Windows 7 (and supposedly Windows 8).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded new security features for the PicoCount 2500 (unit passwords) that will be avilable when we release firmware version 2.15 or higher. With 2.15 firmware the "Configure Unit" screen will have the ability to enable unit passwords on each unit.
NewAdded WSDOT exports (GK Export).
NewSoftware now supports time-limited PicoCount rentals/demo units.
FixFixed a bug in the communications routines that may have caused some strange behavior at times.
FixFixed a potential bug with PDF exporting not working on some Windows 7 installs where the USP10.DLL file may have been an incompatible version.
FixRemoved file type associations from the Preferences panel, as it stands that was not functional in Windows Vista or 7. File type association will be introduced in the installer and perhaps added back to the Preferences panel at a later time.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded a completely customizable automated filename for PRN exports. At the bottom of the PRN filename formats there is now the option "- CUSTOM FILENAME FORMAT -", which will give you a button "Edit Custom Format" to create your own filename format. This can also be setup in preferences to use as a default.
NewAdded new V1.11 RetroCount firmware to upgrade RK-1 units to work better with some serial cables/ports that they were having some trouble with before.
NewAdded Road Tube Simulator 8 to known devices to allow for firmware updates.
NewAdded a "Configure Unit" screen for the Road Tube Simulator to allow a very basic way to modify the patterns and vehicle tables that the simulator uses for it's output.
NewAdded FDOT PRN export.
NewAdded INDOT PRN export.
NewMultiple export selections (multiple directions and/or data types) can now be exported at one time with PRN exports (they were previously limited to exporting one direction or type of data at a time).
FixFixed a bug in processing data, specifically during the building of "clusters" of axles, some of the newer speed testing code was inadvertantly not being used. This fix may help improve some data that has excess noise on the hoses, or may improve processing speeds slightly.
FixFixed the help text on the "Speed Bins" tab in "Preferences" which was previously cut off and added some additional notes to the help text.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded "All-In-One" export for PRN formats. You can now choose "All-In-One" from the selection list for any of the PRN exports and all class and speed data will be exported into the same PRN file.
NewImproved processing of data in some cases with extra noise on the hose. The software is now less likely to insert a false missing hit in some areas of data where there is noise on the hose or where hose echo is further out than the dwells.
NewAdded some ability to support the PicoCount 4500 (unit should connect, firmware updates should work, and A/B channels should function as a 2500). Next update should add full support.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded several new interval selections for both reports and exports; any interval that divides evenly into 60 minutes can now be used.
NewReport and export settings that can be set before exporting or printing will now stay at what they were last set at while the same file is open. This will make it easier to export the same range of data that was just printed, or to print/export multiple reports/exports without having to re-select the date/time range or change other settings again.
NewAdded "Interval" to header of CSV files. The "Export Version" for each of the exports has been increased to reflect the change in the header. The format of the new "Interval" field is "n Min" where n is the interval in minutes.
NewThe "Bin Interval" option located in Preferences will now be the default interval used for both reports and exports, previously it was only used for exports.
NewAdded a warning message when printing large reports (in case the wrong settings were selected, such as a small interval or a large date range).
FixFixed several bugs with speed statistics shown at the bottom of the speed reports. Speed statistics on multiple page reports were being calculated incorrectly on all but the first page of data. Also, several speed stats were being calculated incorrectly since version when the new speed bins were added.
FixFixed a bug with the All-In-One export, if the start date/time was set past the end of data the export could have caused an access violation message to pop up.
FixFixed a bug in the export selection. When only selecting "All-In-One" for exporting, the "Continue" button would stay disabled until another type of export was selected.
FixRemoved "Volume (axles)" selection from the report list which was accidentally added to it in version It was non-functional (it only generated a blank page) since it is for exporting only and was not intended to be displayed for reports.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixAdded Baud rate adjusting code to the download. A quick test at the start of the download will determine if the download should be attempted at 115.2k Baud if there is difficulty communicating at 921.6k Baud.
NewA new firmware update is available for PicoCount 2500 units (V2.12), this update specifically addresses a problem with some units being unable to download at 921.6k Baud.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewImproved processing in a few circumstances (most areas affected will be areas of data with missing hits, and in heavier traffic). The biggest change was to make sure axles are matched up properly, there is a speed check with nearby axle hits to make sure we have a speed that is even possible.
NewImproved algorithm that detects and inserts missing hose hits (only done with hoses set up for classifications). It should do a better job and not falsely inserting hits in areas of very noisy data.
NewThe auto-update feature was disabled by default in previous installations. It is highly recommended to have this enabled. Starting with this version new installations will ask if the user wants to turn auto-updating on. Also, updating to this version from an older version will also prompt the user and ask if they would like to enable it if it's disabled. Users will only be asked one time.
NewModified speed report to split column titles into two rows when a hyphen or space is encountered. This makes the column titles less cluttered and easier to read with larger speeds (commonly the case when displaying speeds in KPH).
NewAdded a recent files list to the "File" pulldown menu at the top of the main TrafficViewer Pro window. The 10 most recently opened or saved files will be listed there, most recent at the top of the list.
NewAdded new "MH Class" scheme (an FHWA variation).
NewAdded "Nevada DOT Lengths" scheme (a pure length-based scheme).
NewSample data files are now included with installater and are an optional part of the install.
FixChanged the dwell handling in the TrafficViewer Pro so that it works as it was intended to work. This is rather subtle, and likely won't have a dramatic positive or negative effect on data -- it just needed to work how it was being described. It was coded like this: "After a hit occurs, all hits on that channel will be filtered out until no hits occur for the entire length of the dwell time. If a hit does occurs within the dwell time the dwell time starts over, this repeats until the entire length of the dwell occurs with no hits." How it works now, which is how it was intended, is: "The amount of time after a hit occurs that other hits will be ignored on that channel."
FixFixed/improved "Data Quality" meter slightly. Some hits that were not clustered were not impacting the data quality, now all hits are accounted for. It's likely this meter will read slightly lower than before with most data. The description of this meter has also been updated in the "What is this?" help screen.
FixFixed a bug in the display of the speed grid on the overview screen. With bi-directional data, a "List index out of bounds (-1)" may have been displayed. (This bug was introduced in with the speed bin changes.)
FixFixed a processing bug that could cause an "External Exception" and processing to not complete. This was extremely unlikely to ever happen in any real data. This could occur only when a cluster had exactly 256 axles in it and it somehow passed the classification scheme tests for a successful vehicle classification.
FixFixed a couple of bugs in the connection log. Serial numbers are now stored to the log in an easily readable format and battery voltages are stored in the log for units that can read it.
FixFixed a "divide by zero" error when using the unclassified cluster handling "divide unclassified axles by..." option.
FixFixed a memory leak (a very small one) that could occur on installations that have multiple firmware versions available for the same product (due to other circumstances this was unlikely to even occur on any normal installations).
FixFixed a bug in the classification editor. Moving a rule from the top of the list down would cause an access violation and the scheme would no longer work.
FixFixed a problem in the "Report Selection" window. When selecting only "Class Totals" or "Speed Totals" and nothing else, the "Continue" button would remain disabled. The "Continue" button now works with all checkboxes.
FixFixed a few minor user interface issues in the "Data Setup" panel. Tabs will now cycle through controls on this panel in a normal order and the controls and text in the "Axle Correction Factors" view were moved around slightly so no text is up against the right side of the panel.
FixFixed some bugs in the PRN exporting due to the ranges chosen. Mainly, PRN exports would only export 1 day of data if "split days into separate files" was not checked. Now the range selection should work as intended, even when "split days into separate files" is not checked.
FixFixed the stop date that was exported in PRN exports when "split days into separate files" was not checked. Previously the stop date in the PRN file would always show the same date as the start date, it is now the proper stop date (the last date/time of data in that file) no matter what range of data is exported to the PRN file.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded additional unit testing to detect potential upcoming problems before they are severe (by reading the unit's battery voltage). A message will be notify the user to contact us for a replacement unit.
FixFixed display of ampersands in location/comments fields of the data overview panel (they previously displayed as an underscore).
FixFixed a missing quote in the timestamp exports. It was a missing quote on the new ""Time Stamp Format:" header line added last release.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded custom speed bins. You can change the speed bins that are used in "Preferences" under the "Speed Bins" tab.
NewThe timestamp exports now have 3 formats for the timestamp field. Previously it was only "seconds since start date/time", so remains the default. The new options are "days since Dec 30, 1899" (which spreadsheets know how to convert to a date/time just by indicating the field is a date/time), or "Readable date/time", which will export the date and time of each timestamp as text (in a readable format). NOTE: If your exports require millisecond or better resolutions, your most accurate timestamps will be exported using the original "seconds since start date/time" format.
NewAdded "Time Stamp Format:" as a field in the header of the timestamp CSV exports, the three values are the three types of formats: "Seconds", "Days", and "DateTime".
NewBoth vehicle and axle timestamp exports now have a new version due to the above changes, the new version for the "Export Version:" field is "V2.00". If you have software importing these, with any "V2.00" timestamp exports you should test the new "Time Stamp Format" field to determine the format of the timestamps.
NewAdded default settings for some of the export options that can be changed in "Preferences".
NewAdded "Number of Axle Spacings" to "Exports" tab of "Preferences". For those that use vehicle timestamp exports, this value is the number of spacings to export. Previously it was always 9 spacings that were exported, now it can be any number (or none at all). If you don't use the spacing data in your vehicle timestamp exports, you can set this to 0 so those fields will not show at all.
NewTo avoid confusion, the "Continue" button is now greyed out for report and export selection if no export/report type has been selected.
NewSpeed and volume reports should get generated more quickly now.
NewSpeed and All-In-One exports versions are now "V2.00" since the speed bins are now customizable there will not necessarily be 15 bins now, and the ranges may be different if they are changed from the defaults.
FixFixed a minor bug when closing TrafficViewer Pro that was attempting to access and free already freed memory.
FixFixed the page numbers of reports. Now all reports start at page 1 (volume, speed, and class), and the total pages indicator was removed (to speed up report generation).
FixFixed range selection for timestamp exports, previously the range selection was ignored for timestamp exports (even though the start date/time in the export showed the start time selected). Now timestamp exports will export only the range selected.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded unit firmware checksumming, just in case a firmware update partially fails (or something else happens to the unit) then the unit firmware can easily be updated again.
FixNew PicoCount 2500 firmware (V2.11) to fix several potential issues that could have caused unit failure.
FixFixed a bug in processing that could sometimes "cluster" vehicles that were a long distance apart therefore at times causing missed vehicles in classification setups. The frequency of this occuring would have varied depending on the scheme used and data density; due to it's nature any data affected would likely have only a slight improvement. The quality meters would have still properly reflected any missed vehicles.
FixFixed a "Range Error" message that would pop up when TrafficViewer Pro was opened on some installations of beta versions between and
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewChanged processing for hose setups that the software detects as possibly incorrect, the user was prompted more than once to change setups (each time printing or exporting) if they didn't change it the first time. Now, the prompt should only occur after changing the header or opening a file, and not before a report/export.
NewBehind the scenes, a lot of processing/reporting code was cleaned up and variables were made more consistent for easier future updates.
FixThe speed report/export had speed data shifted over one bin to the right (so it showed higher speeds). Now, reports/exports of speed data should be correct. Any old files can now be opened and new speed reports generated with the correct data. (Note: The all-in-one export did not have this problem)
FixFixed a bug with volume reports. When using a hose setup with a median, if the A/B hoses needed to be flipped, the report would show the wrong column titles (they were opposite what they should have been).
FixFixed a "floating point error" bug with the classification report/export when there were no trucks in the data.
FixFixed a problem when a scheme was created or modified to use different unclassified handling. It could cause an "Access Violation" to occur when processing, so reports or other data were not accessible. Custom schemes with all types of "unclassified handling" should now work.
FixFixed a couple of problems with "All-In-One" export (one misplaced column, and a missing comma).
FixFixed a problem with the "Total" column on AXLE volume exports, it was showing the total vehicles instead of total axles.
FixFixed "Start Date" and "Start Time" fields in all CSV exports. They only had a value of "0" or a "1" instead of the actual date and time as they should have.
FixMade all CSV exports consistent on how they export data (date/time should be in the same format, no dashes should be before or after the actual data begins/ends, and no blank line between days).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
PRN update
NewAll 3 PRN format variations should now be to the newest specifications. These are "daily" formats, not "monthly".
NewThe "PRN, Standard" format should allow importing into TRADAS software. (This needs to be tested and verified)
NewPRN exports can now export volume, class, or speed.
NewFor PRN options that will export multiple files, there is now a combobox that allows you to select the filename format. There are currently 16 formats. And any that have "" as part of it, will use the text you type in the "Custom Text" field as part of the filename.
NewFor the Hawaii PRN format, there is now the ability to select which direction is the primary direction (direction code E).
FixSome fixes and modifications to the PRN format exports.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded "Export Directory" to the "Preferences" panel. Now you can have a default export directory that differs from your data directory if you choose.
NewThere is a new release of RetroCount (RK-1) firmware to correct a couple of bugs. Upgrading to the latest firmware (1.08) for RK-1 units is highly recommended.
FixDirectories are now remembered (so the open and save dialogs should come up in the same directory), also the default data directory should now be the one that is shown when opening or saving data for the first time.
FixDwells were not used in volume-only configurations, so when hoses had lots of echo on them the volume counts could be significantly higher than they should be. Dwells will now affect all types of setups, as they should.
FixFixed a bug with the report "Range Selection" window for volume-only configurations. The "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons were not positioned where they should have been.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixImproved processing on slower vehicles (under 30mph) that are slowing down as they are crossing road tubes. The algorithm was made slightly smarter to allow for more difference in speed between axles at lower speeds.
FixFixed a couple of typos in the hint text on the graphical timestamp display panel.
FixModified default FHWA scheme to make sure there is a dual axle for class 12 and class 13 in the second group of axles. This is to help prevent false class 12 and 13's in heavy traffic.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded an operator timeout of 3 minutes to the software. If a unit is left connected, but no commands are sent to it within 3 minutes, then it will automatically disconnect.
FixFixed a problem with RoadRunner and RetroCount (RK-1) units not downloading data when connected to the computer with a USB-to-serial cable.
FixFixed a bug which, with some data or some hose spacings, may have caused an "access violation" message when processing the data after download.
FixFixed a small resource leak when closing TrafficViewer Pro while the "Data Setup" panel was open.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewA new RoadRunner firmware version is available (version 2.10). Added variable hardware dwells to the RoadRunner units in this version, these hardware dwells can be changed by clicking on "Configure Unit" and changing their values. The valid range is 1ms to 254ms. The default remains at 30ms. Note: Changing these lower will result in more data being stored in the RoadRunner unit causing it to run out of memory more quickly.
NewAdded PDF exporting.
NewAdded daily volume PRN exports. Currently the peak interval data is all zeros, and only volume PRN can be exported, more will be added in next release.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixFixed problems printing reports and problems exporting with Access Violations occuring. This was caused by some changes in how strings are used (strings are now mostly unicode to allow for multiple languages).
FixMade the font on the graphical display a little bigger.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded internet-updating ability to easily keep TrafficViewer Pro up-to-date. You may now choose to turn on auto-updating of the software in "Preferences". You may also check manually by clicking on the "Check For Updates" button in "Preferences" or from the "Online" pulldown menu at the top of the window.
FixFixed a minor display issue in Log File viewer panel, the "Clear Log" button would not remain at the bottom of the panel if the panel was resized.
FixA couple of minor memory-leak bugs were fixed.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewBi-directional data will process properly. Some of the enhanced processing cannot be done on multiple directions, so data accuracy will be less, especially in high volume traffic (traffic where cars are passing over the hoses at the same time, or nearly the same time). We still recommend using one counter per lane/per direction for the best accuracy and as few problems as possible.
NewImproved/sped up processing in higher traffic areas of data for single-lane, single-direction data. Re-clustering now doesn't attempt to "split" a cluster in between certain axles, based on speed and distance, where axles are too close together to be two different vehicles. This will slightly speed up processing in heavy traffic. And, in theory, it could avoid some possible mis-classifications in cases where a truck doesn't fall into a classification -- it could help to avoid that truck being falsely classified as multiple vehicles.
NewEnhanced processing to handle missing hits better. Hits will be "added" where the software determines they are missing. In tests, this improved processing where missing hits were involved quite a bit. In real-world data this didn't amount to much of the data, but in some cases it improved classifications by about 1%.
NewInserted hits are visible on the graphical display window when looking through data.
FixThe display of cluster information in the graphical display panel is now shown in the appropriate measurement (English or Metric, based on what is set in the header). Previously all cluster info in that panel was shown in metric, no matter what was selected.
FixThe Vehicles list in the graphical display panel will now show all axle spacings separated by commas. Previously only the last axle spacing was shown.
FixGraphical display panel layout has changed slightly.
FixGraphical display panel's "Mouse Position" is now correct and accurate.
FixOn the graphical display panel, when scrolling through data the right edge of the graphical display got "dirty" (didn't stay white), it now will no longer collect "artficats" from scrolling through data.
FixFixed an issue with reports printed from some data files. Some files would start a report at a time other than 00:00 when "# of days" is used for the report range. This is fixed and now all reports that have a range entered in number of days will start at 00:00.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
FixImproved clustering algorithm when data has multiple directions. Clustering should do a much better job at paying attention to the direction that the cluster should be, and not falsely clustering in the wrong direction with the wrong mix of hits.
FixImproved processing to do more analysis on clusters in higher traffic situations. There should be fewer vehicles left unclassified in higher traffic, if "reclustering" is enabled (which is is by default).
FixFixed another fairly infrequent occurance while processing data: When a vehicle was tailgating another vehicle and the trailing vehicle was decelerating and traveling at a distance very close to the "max axle spacing", it was not clustering that tailgating vehicle. Those vehicles should now be clustered and used in the data.
FixFixed a bug in the clustering algorithm that, in rare cases of mixed-direction data or noisy data, could have caused the processing to skip up to an entire day of data.
FixPossible memory leak fixed in the "reclustering" section of processing the data.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
weekly update
NewRoadRunner units can now be connected and data downloaded in TrafficViewer Pro. (non-timestamp RoadRunner units are not supported, all version 2 units are supported)
NewRK-1 units can now be connected and data downloaded in TrafficViewer Pro.
NewAdded an "Abort" button to the download panel.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
weekly update
NewThe position and size of the main TrafficViewer Pro window is now remembered.
NewThe layout of "Preferences" changed around a bit, there are now tabs in it to allow for more options.
NewAdded default axle correction factors in "Preferences", instead of having to enter them each time.
FixChanged the "Online Documentation" menu option (in the "Help" pulldown menu at the top), to open up the latest work-in-progress version of the manual when opened in a beta version of the software.
FixWith a fresh new installation, the software was not creating a custom "schemes" diretory that was needed to create/save custom schemes. This directory is now created if it doesn't already exist, so custom schemes will now work.
FixFixed a "divide by zero" bug when using "unknown axle spacing" with axle correction factors of 0.
FixMade a minor tweak to how axles are grouped when there is a missing hit in the data. There is still a little more work to be done with missing hits.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
weekly update
NewTrafficViewer (.tvd) files can now be opened and processed. There are a few things to note: Multi-study .tvd files will not show multiple studies yet in TrafficViewer Pro, opening a tvd file with multi-directional data will not be handled well and should probably not be considered at this time, data will process classification data differently than it did in TrafficViewer data with little noise will have GREATLY improved accuracy and processing in TrafficViewer Pro.
FixFixed a bug in multi-day studies that would cause the quality meters to read higher than the should, also in "Additional Details" the "Total Axles" was a high value (the more days the more this number was wrong).
FixOn the Data Overview panel, the Class Summary and Speed Summary tables got a minor visual adjustment. The 3rd columns now have the same look as the 1st columns, since they are all "title" columns.
FixAs intended, panel positions should now remain in the same places they were last when the software was closed.
FixThe "Data Setup" panel that you see when downloading data or clicking on "Edit Header", did not have a label for the units used for "Hose Spacing". It will now show "inches" or "centimeters" depending on the measurement type chosen.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewFor volume-only, no classification, hose set-ups (set-ups with unknown spacing or with a median, or a short hose/long hose, etc.) now allow you to enter "axles per vehicle" or commonly referred to as "Axle Correction Factors". Previously it would just assume 2 axles per vehicle for those types of setups. When selecting a volume only setup, a button will be displayed on the data setup screen titled "Edit Axles/Vehicle" where you can edit this. And, as the FHWA recommends in section 4, chapter 4 of the "Traffic Monitoring Guide" you will be able to enter axle correction factors for each day of the week (as they may very greatly, especially on weekends).
NewProcessing has been completely reworked. It now "clusters" axles and handles those clusters. Now, ALMOST ALL aspects of the processing can be user-defined or modified. There are classification rules and rules for handling unclassified clusters. This will allow for COMPLETE customization by the user that wants to create their own classificaiton rules. These are very advanced features. These features can be accessed from "Advanced|Edit Classification Rules/Schemes" on the pulldown menu at the top of the application.
NewAdded the ability to drag and drop .tvp files onto TrafficViewer Pro and it will open the file.
NewClicking on .tvp files will now open them up in TrafficViewer Pro.
NewPanel positions are now remember from the last time the software was used. There are also two menu items "Cascade/Minimize Panels" and "Move Off-Screen Panels" on the "View" pulldown menu.
NewThe installer used for TrafficViewer Pro has been changed. This doesn't affect much, except a slightly smaller install and downloading upgrades manually and installing will no longer require uninstalling first.
NewAdded an identifier to the beginning of each file for TrafficViewerPro (so it can QUICKLY and EASILY tell if this file is really the desired type of file). For example the first few bytes of a data file could be: "TrafficViewerPro.Data", the first bytes of a scheme file could be: "TrafficViewerPro.Scheme", etc. This would allow us to even search a harddrive for data/scheme files and even if the extension matched, we would know if it was realy a trafficviewer pro file.
NewAdded change log to easily view changes since specified software versions and the ability to print it.
NewOverview window now show's the "Scheme" being used.
NewReports now show the Scheme used and it's scheme ID in case somebody needs to verify it's the exact scheme it should be.
NewClassification report was competely re-done to allow any number of classes, which will be determined by the scheme chosen. And the legend shows classification descriptions from the custom (or default) scheme selected.
NewAdded new quality meters for classification and channel hit differences.
NewAdded scheme list scanning to resolve scheme id conflicts. Old schemes should always keep the same id if somehow a new scheme file is copied into the same diretory with the same id.
NewUser is now prompted to save their data when attempting to download new data, open a file, or close the data overview with data that is unsaved or has been changed since opening it.
NewAll exports now have their own version tag, so when importing into an automated system this can always be checked to know if the export format has changed. The CSV field containing the export type and version is called "Export Version".
FixIn the counter setup screen after download, by default multiple directions will now come up opposite directions instead of the same directions.
FixFixed a bug causing the very last hit in the data (no matter how much data there was) to not get processed.
FixMade one more fix to the way non-US and/or non-standard date/time formats are handled and displayed.
FixAll processing is now done using metric numbers. Previously the tests used whatever measurement was selected, but that cause some rounding issues and other issues related to conversion that may show slight differences when flipping between Metric and English. The conversion now happens just before displaying the data, instead of at processing time. Now those should remain identical (so classes on the "edge" will remain the same class no matter what measurement setting you have when you view the data).
FixFixed a memory leak when closing the data overview window before closing the application.
FixWhen creating a new scheme in the Classification Rules panel, the new scheme is now set as the selected scheme instead of just showing up on the list somewhere.
FixFixed a bug in the scheme editor (Classification Rules panel) with the "Duplicate Rule" function when the rule had several sub-rules.
FixPanels will now move to the front when they are clicked on, instead of mousing over the title of the panel.
FixSeveral other fixes and enhancements were made.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAdded a "debug" screen, which can be accessed via "View|Advanced|Debug Mode". Once it has been checked, any time you process data an additional window will show up with access to extra information and graphical/list views of timestamps and processing.
NewCleaned up pulldown menus: Added links to online manual, TrafficViewer Pro web page, and added several more menu items for various buttons in the software.
NewFilename now shows in the bottom left of reports.
FixFixed a problem with handling non-US standard Windows date/time formats. Previously it would display "not a valid date/time" when trying to open a file with a system setup with a different date/time format.
FixFixed the "Export" button that is located on the print preview screen; it now functions like the main export button (in the data overview panel).
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewGreatly improved memory usage/processing speed with data over 1MB. Data is now processed in 1 day chunks.
NewUnit firmware can now be updated through TrafficViewerPro. It will auto-detect if an older version is being run.
NewAdded code for volume-only hose setups (i.e. short hose/long hose, median, etc.)
NewAdded *BETA* flag which the application can test for to store/load registry and other settings from/to a different location than an actual release (when one occurs).
NewAdded logging of some of the communications. This can be viewed by selecting "View" from the top menu and then choosing "Log File". It is mainly for troubleshooting purposes.
NewThe currently open or saved filename is now shown. It is displayed in the "Data Overview" window's title bar.
FixFixed a bug with "Auto Detect". If no device was connected "Auto Detect" would hang the application (it wouldn't allow it to be closed).
FixFixed a few bugs in data processing when there is only 1 axle or 1 hit in the data for a channel.
FixFixed a problem with data overview screen going blank if you click "Cancel" out of the "Edit Header" window.
FixFixed a bug that caused the firmware version to not show on reports or exports. It would just show "V" with nothing following it.
FixFixed a bug in exporting volume, class, and speed data that caused the last interval not to be exported.
FixFixed a minor bug in the volume export that had one extra quotation mark in "Total" columns label.
FixWhen exporting axle timestamps, the axles were being filtered before exporting. The list should now be the raw hose hits without filtering.
Changes in TrafficViewer Pro Beta
NewAll changes will be tracked in this change log with more detail in future releases.
NewCreated installer.
FixSeveral changes to the look and feel of the software were made.
FixSeveral bug fixes were made.
FixOther general UI tweaks were made.