New LIVE STREAMING versions of PicoCount firmware are available

By Ian Rochat, 06/06/2017 - 16:53

If you are developing some sort of real-time live data streaming system, you may be interested in knowing that we now have a few more live-streaming modes in the latest firmware version of our PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units.

The new live data streaming modes will continually stream data, instead of timing out after 5 minutes. If you already use our live data view commands, don't worry; we have also left the two old live data modes in place so your software should still function with the new firmware. With the new live data streaming commands there are now three different modes of real-time live data streaming that will not turn off (unless another command is sent to the unit). These are:

  • The first mode is the most basic. The counter sends out a single character each time a hose is hit. That character will represent the channel. This is the most straight-forward way to implement a simple project.
  • The second mode sends out a data packet containing the channel along with it's current hit totalizer (total hits since data was last cleared), so if you think you might miss some live data this mode will make sure you keep on track even if you're not connected during some of the hits.
  • The third mode we have added is real-time streaming of the actual raw timestamps. With this mode you can calculate accurate speeds and directions to allow you to generate real time speeds, classifications, gaps, etc.

You may upgrade your counters to the latest firmware by downloading and running our TrafficViewer Pro Firmware Installer on a computer that has TrafficViewer Pro installed.  After installing, all you have to do is connect each counter to the TrafficViewer Pro software and you will prompted to upgrade your units to the new firmware.